Pete Johns


The journey to the what & why of DEX


NRMA is undergoing a huge shift in the services it’s offering, and its role in the community. A key driver of this change is a recognition that a great customer experience (CX) is imperative. But how can an organisation deliver a great CX without also providing a great experience for its employees?

This case study explores the real-world journey of a team that’s driving the recognition and adoption of digital employee experience (DEX), including how it underpins great CX.


With IDEO Design Thinking and Prosci ADKAR Change Management certification, Pete is all about helping humans work better together by designing and adopting clever new ways of working. This belief has turned Pete into an organisational culture and employee experience geek, obsessed with how people, teams and organisations are changing as the ‘future workplace’ becomes the ‘NOW workplace’.

Produced by Step Two, DEX 2019 is all about bringing great digital employee experiences to the modern workplace. Revel in two streams of presentations, with 24 great speakers from Australia and internationally.
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