Nick Coster


Why product management is the future for intranets


Improving intranets via a series of projects is a pain. Improvements are stop-start, with features delivered in isolation. In the customer-facing world, successful websites and apps are managed as ‘products’ that have an ongoing life and value.

This session will provide an introduction to ‘product management’, which is a whole discipline in itself. Presented by a true expert in the space, the session will explore how product management provides a new way forward for enterprise solutions, including intranets.


Nick Coster is Co-Founder and Head of Training at Brainmates, the home of Product Management in Australia. His client work includes private training and facilitation, as well as on-site Product Management coaching. Nick’s passion is helping Product Mangers shift their on-the-job behaviours to build better products. He excels at helping his audience adopt new ways of thinking and creates a safe place to question existing ways of working. Nick is an AIPMM accredited Product Manager and studied Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

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