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KEYNOTE: Re-imagining effective work Michael Sampson

Presentation from Intranets2015

About my talk

New technologies of all kinds are increasingly applied to known processes, improving automation and efficiency. This is a great start, but the real gain comes from re- imagining the big picture of what work looks like, and expanding beyond mere efficiency. Michael explores this idea as it relates to new collaboration and social tools, and provides practical guidance on re-imagining effective work.
Michael’s keynote presentation will cover:
  • Significant changes in available tools over recent years
  • The problem with introducing new tools into current organisational frameworks
  • A playbook for seeing beyond surface changes and pursuing deep transformation

About me

Michael Sampson is an undisputed expert on collaboration, having written many books, including Seamless Teamwork, User Adoption Strategies and Collaboration Roadmap. He has presented at conferences and run workshops around the globe, as well as working with many organisations to find practical approaches to making collaboration work.

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