Delia Cato

Foodstuffs (NZ)

Living in the Clouds: moving a business to Office 365

Presentation from DEX 2019


Foodstuffs North Island had problems typical of many large businesses; an old fashioned culture with inefficient ways to collaborate and communicate, and so much clutter it was close to impossible for anyone to find anything. Foodstuffs explored the problem and many possible solutions including Microsoft Teams, 1Place, Workplace and GSuite. As Office365 was already in use extensively, a business unit and team site approach was chosen, using SharePoint hub sites and Yammer (the plan is to overlay MSTeams in the future if it makes sense).

With no dedicated budget and a ‘done by Christmas’ timeline, Foodstuffs set about creating a tailored template, and rolled it out business unit by business unit, team by team. Change management and training were crucial, with representative roles within each business unit bolstering the core team of three and making a world of difference in winning hearts and minds. Individuals and teams migrated their own content, meaning only what was useful was retained.

In this session you will learn:

  • how Foodstuffs North Island increased hub site activity by 550% in the last 6 months, and managed to leave 7.9 Terabytes of content in old fileshares
  • how a fundamental change in working practices was achieved across all levels of the organisation
  • how technology can have #lifechanging effects


Delia started her career as a Forensic DNA scientist and after a stint at Scotland Yard, returned to NZ in 2006 to switch to the IT industry. She takes a scientific approach to process improvement across IT operations and delivery, and is passionate about challenging the status quo. Her role as Digital Workplace Manager at Foodstuffs North Island saw her focussed on developing simpler, smarter ways of working, and driving communication and collaboration. She recently moved to Watercare, and is currently working on streamlining and simplifying process and ways of working.

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