1. Michael H

    If you’re intranet’s search mechanism isn’t already using a classification methodology to enable employees to efficiently drill down to find the most relevant results – then it’s just something masqurading as search.

    Due to our enterprise architecture, we deployed MS Search Server Express in Q1 2008 to replace an existing cgi-bin search script which was horridly inefficient. This gave users an intial set of classification options such as date, source location/dataset, and ability to drill down based on file type, age, etc. This was primarily achieved from an advanced search page. Sadly, no user education process was undertaken to make them aware of these features – it was simply left up to the user to discover.

    We brought these features to the front of the search results page in mid 2010, in a way not too dissimilar to how Google currently provides these features.

    By doing this, our indicative results showed that this resulted in an almost overnight ~25% decrease in searches that didn’t result in an action (such as accessing a page or downloading a document).

    This ~25% decrease in abandoned searches has remained consistent since implimentation, and further refinements have been made as time progressed based on the data and results generated from user’s searches.

  2. Completely agree on the masquerading, Michael, although what you describe is exactly what many intranets have: very poor index file tools as opposed to what we would call a modern search tool.

    It’s great to hear of your improvements too. AMP actually have some good stats on increased usage and very positive feedback from users that I didn’t include in the main article:

    Search usage increased around 300 per cent in the launch week.

    The search results page received the 4th highest page-views (23,000 page views in June).

    A positive search experience features prominently in employee feedback.


  3. Ingrid

    Hi ,

    Do you know about DSswYm of Dassault Systèmes? Where we can place this intranet 2.0 ?

    DS Intranet is large complete (blogs, wikis, share, media, communities) and I want to get your opinion . And what about CISCO , who gives a real time video share on different devices ( iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry ?)

    Thank you


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Published February 24, 2011

Alex Manchester
Alex Manchester is an alumni of Step Two Designs. He specialises in intranet and enterprise social network research strategy and user experience design. Alex works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations and has over eight years experience in this field.