1. James Robertson

    I would argue, as I have in this article, that nothing should be called a “knowledge management system”. Better to refer to the specific capabilities required (content, records, collaboration, etc).

  2. someone

    thank you , your artical helped me a lot
    but I am confused since i am doing research about KMS and now you say there is not such thing :S

  3. someone

    Do you mean I do my research on EDRMS or CMS rather than KMS ??
    sorry for stupid question but I am in the beginning and confused :S

  4. James Robertson

    Yes, it would make sense to pick one type of system, such as EDRMS, CMS, collaboration, etc.

    (Either that or look at “knowledge management” more broadly than the technology, which is certainly a valid topic for research, if a big area to cover!)

  5. Mee Lee

    Hi, many thanks for posting the article. I’m a very beginner in this KM area.

    Right now, I’m in the process of building a KM system. I’m thinking of using CMS, which allows people to do multi crossover data searching and also gives system would also gives recommendations on related documents. But the costing is pretty high.

    Should i switch to a blog website system instead?

    • James Robertson

      Hi @Mee Lee, there’s probably some work needed to specify exactly what functionality you require. You can then make a decision about a suitable technology (commercial CMS products offer a quite different feature set than blog software, although the gap is closing).

  6. maria luz d fang-asa

    Hello. Now this article is confusing me more although it sort of explains also why there is confusion in the first place. I am trying to find out the difference between an MIS and a KMS. Looking at the descriptions point out that they are one and the same

  7. kudzayi chiwanza

    i am in the field of library and information science. i want to do my PHD and focus my research on knowledge management. i was beginning to get confused by the two term KM and KMS because it seems everyone is focusing on KMS. Please i need guidance in my research so that the research matches my area of study. thank you in advance

    • James Robertson

      @Kudzayi, you might find that “KMS” has a specific meaning withing the library community. In which case, define it carefully, and there could well be the basis for a PHD.

  8. Mojtaba Nassiriyar

    Hi Buddy
    Thanks for info
    I Wounder If You Could Possibly Define Some OF KMS Functionality, So that We Can Distinguish Between CMS, KMS, DMS, Portal, Share points, Network Of Communiuty,Wiki and …

  9. Thanks for the post James. It is very concise, easy to understand and straight into the point. I’m like a number of other commenters herer who are doing research about KMS. I do it for my Honours degree.

    I agree that KMS is a very broad concept and could be hard to be looked at in one research. I think I will take your advise and pick on of the more specific systems to look at in more depth.

    Keep up the good work!

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Published March 5, 2007

James Robertson
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