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What’s new in the world of intranets and the digital workplace

  • Should you be tracking your staff?

    The goal of flexible working initiatives is to improve the productivity of staff, increase the utilisation of office space, and enhance collaboration. But do they achieve these goals? The only way to know for sure is to track your staff! Assess before-and-after One study by the University of Cambridge used simple RFID tags that were given to staff...

  • What intranet teams should know about Slack

    Slack is the hot new thing to come out of Silicon Valley, doubly surprising because it's a purely enterprise solution (how often do people get excited about the enterprise?!). There's a lot of activity around the product, including heaps of blog posts, write-ups in mainstream press, and a steady flow of high profile organisations signing up. Is...

  • Digital team, meet the real estate function

    Intranet and digital teams pride themselves on the close relationships they forge with the constituent parts of an organisation, such as  HR and IT, and key business areas. Traditionally, however, links between intranet teams and real estate functions are weak. While there might be some interaction with IT departments during office refurbishments or the development of new meeting...

  • Ten ways offices are reinventing themselves (and what it means for digital teams)

    For the past few years, physical offices have been reinventing themselves to support employees in their everyday work, facilitate collaboration and even increase employee engagement. These changes also deliver organisational benefits such as reduced costs and improved productivity. In fact, you've probably noticed various changes in your own office. Many of these trends are opportunities for...

  • Who should lead the digital workplace?

    The "digital workplace" concept is taking off with a rush at present, with discussions being heard in every corner of organisations. While interest and talk are good, the digital workplace must go beyond words to become a strategic direction for organisations as a whole. Only then will the full benefits of the vision be realised. For that to...



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The professional community for intranet teams

Run by the global experts on intranets, the Forum provides a unique opportunity for teams to see first-hand what’s happening inside other organisations, as well as industry best practices. The Forum has chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


The Intranet Leadership Forum combines face-to-face sessions with an online platform for sharing. These sessions are fully facilitated to deliver concrete insights in a short period of time.


Don’t take our word on the benefits of the Intranet Leadership Forum. Learn who our members are, and hear what they’ve said.


Joining up to the Intranet Leadership Forum is easy, and membership can be started at any point in the year. Read about the membership levels, costs and a business case for your manager.

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Designing intranets: creating
sites that work

The definitive textbook for intranet teams on how to design intranets that work for staff.

In 275 pages, this book walks through a practical user-centred approach to the design process, richly illustrating each step with full-colour screenshots from organisations across the globe.


Inspiring sites that deliver
business value

This book demonstrates the power and value of intranets, providing inspiration and insights for all teams, whether new or experienced.

In 280 sharply written pages, this book explores what intranets can do, providing screenshots from great intranets around the globe.


What every intranet team
should know

Provides a succinct overview of managing and growing intranets, providing the definitive ‘quick start’ guide for intranet and project teams.

An ideal book to provide to managers and stakeholders, that can be quickly digested and acted on.


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