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What’s new in the world of intranets and the digital workplace

  • Fifteen years of helping organisations select a web CMS

    In 2001 we published our first, and seminal article How to evaluate a CMS. This shot to the top of the charts, and it remains one of our most popular articles to this day. Since that time, we've used our vendor-neutral role to help hundreds of organisations select a web content management system. Our clients have...

  • Cutting through global intranet complexity: the Macquarie Group intranet

    Macquarie Group is a global financial services provider, with a uniquely diversified business. Founded in 1969, Macquarie has staff working within 10 distinct business groups across 28 countries and approximately 70 office locations. The challenge for Macquarie was moving from an intranet that was majority-used by headquarters staff, to a site that benefits the whole...

  • How to deliver the workplace of the future

    Intranets2015 was just over a week ago, and it exceeded all expectations. There were plenty of great speakers, covering a wide range of topics and challenges. Closing the conference was a keynote by James Robertson, founder of Step Two. Slides and notes are shared below. Key messages shared in the presentation include: While there is an inexorable...

  • Use the intranet for good

    When Johnson & Johnson’s Asia-Pacific region wanted to help drive employee engagement and encourage connections between offices, they decided to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. The homepage of Johnson & Johnson Asia-Pacific's microsite for Making Smiles, Changing Lives. A counter shows the number of operations which can be carried out...

  • 10 things we learned from last year’s Intranet Innovation Awards

    Reviewing all the entries for the Intranet Innovation Awards (closing date for this year’s awards is June 5th!) gives us fascinating insights into where intranets are and where they are heading. This learning helps inform our writing and also the work we do with our clients. It also gives many inspiring examples which we do our...



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The professional community for intranet teams

Run by the global experts on intranets, the Forum provides a unique opportunity for teams to see first-hand what’s happening inside other organisations, as well as industry best practices. The Forum has chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


The Intranet Leadership Forum combines face-to-face sessions with an online platform for sharing. These sessions are fully facilitated to deliver concrete insights in a short period of time.


Don’t take our word on the benefits of the Intranet Leadership Forum. Learn who our members are, and hear what they’ve said.


Joining up to the Intranet Leadership Forum is easy, and membership can be started at any point in the year. Read about the membership levels, costs and a business case for your manager.

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Resources for intranet and digital workplace teams

Designing intranets: creating
sites that work

The definitive textbook for intranet teams on how to design intranets that work for staff.

In 275 pages, this book walks through a practical user-centred approach to the design process, richly illustrating each step with full-colour screenshots from organisations across the globe.


Inspiring sites that deliver
business value

This book demonstrates the power and value of intranets, providing inspiration and insights for all teams, whether new or experienced.

In 280 sharply written pages, this book explores what intranets can do, providing screenshots from great intranets around the globe.


What every intranet team
should know

Provides a succinct overview of managing and growing intranets, providing the definitive ‘quick start’ guide for intranet and project teams.

An ideal book to provide to managers and stakeholders, that can be quickly digested and acted on.


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