Intranets often grow organically, with new sections and pages added over time. This leads to a huge volume of information, but little overall structure. An intranet redesign is designed to address this, improving the structure of the site and ensuring staff can quickly find what they need.

Intranet Roadmap

There are many activities involved in an intranet redesign, and these need to be carefully planned if the project is to finish on time and on budget. All the participants and stakeholders in an intranet redesign also need to be working in a coordinated way, with a common understanding of the process being followed.

The Intranet Roadmap provides a complete methodology that describes all the activities required to develop (or redevelop) an intranet.

Beyond just implementing software or redesigning the site, the Intranet Roadmap covers activities in five key streams:

  • strategy
  • design
  • content
  • change & communications
  • technology

The Intranet Roadmap does more than just indicate what activities need to be conducted, it clearly shows the sequence of activities required, and the techniques that will help at every stage of the project.

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Approaching the redesign

The goal of an intranet redesign is to produce a site that works well for staff, as well as delivering benefits for the organisation as a whole. The needs of staff must be understood, and best-practice approaches used throughout the project.

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Continuous improvement

A single redesign project, no matter how large, will never be able to address every aspect of the intranet, or deliver every hoped-for improvement. Intranet teams should therefore take a ‘continuous improvement’ approach to the intranet, finding ways of steadily and incrementally enhancing their sites.

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Improving usability

One of the key goals of most redesign projects is to make the intranet easier and quicker to use for staff. This requires the use of best-practice usability and information architecture techniques. Read more

Improving intranet content

Improving content on the intranet is a key part of an intranet redesign, and the content migration gives an unparalleled opportunity to do a cleanup. Read more

Working within a strategy

An intranet redesign will only deliver short-term cosmetic changes if not done within the context of a broader intranet strategy and roadmap. Read more

Our services

Step Two Designs has extensive experience conducting providing professional services for  intranet redesign projects, whether via consulting or mentoring. Drawing on the experience of hundreds of organisations, we can help you deliver a successful site.