In many ways, it is vital for intranets to innovate if they are to prosper in the long term. As things currently stand, intranets are often seen as ‘dull but useful’, which can make it difficult for intranet teams to gain the resources they require.

Building more innovative intranets gives the opportunity to demonstrate the value that intranets can deliver for an organisation more clearly and powerfully.

The obvious question is how can intranet teams most effectively make their sites more innovative?

Exploring intranet innovation

There are many faces to intranet innovation. While some involve deploying new technology, many focus on finding new ways of meeting staff and business needs. Innovation can also be quite small, targeting a specific need without requiring million-dollar budgets.

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Intranet Innovation Awards

The Intranet Innovation Awards are global awards that celebrate new ideas and innovative approaches to the enhancement and delivery of intranets.

Uniquely, these awards recognise individual intranet improvements, and not intranets as a whole. The awards are about improving all intranets, by sharing great ideas and increasing the pace of innovation across the whole of the intranet community.

Ideas from these awards should spark further innovation in intranets across many organisations, encouraging teams to find new ways of using the intranet to add value.

Exploring the future of your intranet

We have seen intranets the world over, and run the respected Intranet Innovation Awards. We run in-house sessions to help intranet teams (and management) explore the future of the intranet, and to quickly identify possible next steps.

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