1. Nice post, Alex. I think the five pillars are spot on. And great examples of each capability. I do miss one capability though: rich profiles. Do you find rich profiles to be an implicit capability underlying the whole social intranet. I would say the pillars you mention are limited if the user can’t see who’s created the idea, who she/he is networking with, etc. Would love to hear you thoughts on this!

  2. @Samuel – good point. Rich user profiles in my mind are implicit here, and fall more specifically into the Social Networking area (they would be fundamental to that).

    However, if I were to revise this article I think it would make 100% sense to specifically call profiles out as they are indeed the glue that would stick all of this together. Thanks for the input! :)

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Published July 31, 2013

Alex Manchester
Alex Manchester is an alumni of Step Two Designs. He specialises in intranet and enterprise social network research strategy and user experience design. Alex works with a wide range of public and private sector organisations and has over eight years experience in this field.