1. Today at KM Singapore this idea seemed to hit a tipping point. Everyone was saying the same thing.

    You said it first ‘it is recommended that ‘knowledge sharing’ not be discussed beyond the confines of the KM team’, and I’ve been banging on about it ever since. It’s funny how it takes a while for ideas to gain currency. =)

  2. Mitch

    Senior management love everyone knowing everything because if someone goes on holiday, or leaves for any other reason, it is merely a resource leaving – not knowledge. Anyone is expendable at anytime. Its like cloud computing; if one node drops out, the others simply do slightly more work to make up for the loss.

    The individual doesn’t like being expendable and also feels less sense of accomplishment and ownership in the project. In my company (which practices knowledge sharing aggressively), I am moved around daily, develop in 5 different languages, and feel more like a resource than an expert.

    Maybe its not all bad for the individual though. My skill set is larger than it would be if I had stuck to server-side Java development. Larger skill sets make you more hireable – which I suppose is lucky because you are also more expendable :).

  3. CCDA

    Agreed there are many ways to skin a cat, but at the core of KM is people. How people connect with people and connect with information is via communication, collaboration and participation. these are the softer behaviours and enablers that grow a KM culture. they are at the end of the day sharing. doesnt matter what spin you want to put on it, at the crux of it, knowledge sharing is what it is. anyway my 2 cents worth.

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Published September 3, 2004

James Robertson
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