1. Thanks for making it easy to get started with an intranet governance policy, Stephen. Usually just beginning is the hardest part. By getting these 3 pages (or sections) down, an organisation can have the beginnings of a good intranet governance document.

    I especially appreciate that you begin the document with the purpose of the intranet. This is key, and must guide the rest of decisions and actions regarding the intranet.

    Alexis Rodrigo
    Noodle Intranet Software

  2. A great intranet admin can make a huge difference in how well your intranet functions. Your admin or leader needs to have a strong grasp on how to properly utilize the intranet and keep things running smoothly. If you’re able to identify a specific individual who truly understands the value, consider making them the administrator.

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Published July 31, 2012

Steve Byrne
Steve Byrne is a specialist in knowledge management, combining this with years of experience as an organisational psychologist. As a senior member of the consulting team, Stephen works with organisations to deliver successful intranets and to resolve information management challenges.