James Robertson, Founder and Managing Director

James RobertsonJames is a global expert on intranet strategy and design. He is the author of the best-selling intranet books “What every intranet team should know” and “Designing intranets: creating sites that work”. He has helped many high-profile organisations develop an intranet strategy, and keynotes events around the globe. Read more

Gwenno Hopkin, General Manager of Consulting

Gwenno is the General Manager of the consulting team, with core skills in customer engagement and satisfaction. She is responsible for building and maintaining an effective and sustainable consulting practice at Step Two. Read more

Catherine Grenfell, Community Manager

Catherine GrenfellCatherine is the manager and full-time facilitator of the Intranet Leadership Forum, as well as a senior member of the consulting team. As a former manager of highly-successful intranet teams, Catherine knows what makes intranets work in the real world. Read more

Rebecca Rodgers, Principal Consultant, Brisbane

Rebecca RodgersRebecca is a senior member of the consulting team and facilitator of the Brisbane chapter of the Intranet Leadership Forum. Rebecca brings over 14 years experience specialising in intranets, usability and user-centred design. She is an engaging speaker and experienced workshop presenter having conducted workshops in Australia and the US. Read more

Steve Byrne, Senior Consultant, Sydney

Steve ByrneSteve Byrne is a specialist in knowledge management, combining this with years of experience as an organisational psychologist. As a senior member of the consulting team, Stephen works with organisations to deliver successful intranets and to resolve information management challenges. Read more

Josh Patel, Senior Consultant, Melbourne

Josh PatelJosh has spent the last 10 years developing intranets and digital workforce engagement solutions across financial services, telecommunications, retail, education and health industries. Read more

Balsam Al-Dabbagh, Senior Consultant, Sydney

Balsam Al-DabbaghBalsam has a PhD in Information Systems and Management, and she’s passionate about understanding the use of collaborative technologies in the workplace and their impact on organisational performance Read more