Catherine Grenfell, Community Manager

Catherine is the ‘super-connector’ at Step Two, and it’s her job to know who’s doing what in the intranet space. She heads up the Step Two Forum, bringing intranet teams together to share insights and experience.

Her journey with intranets began in 2001, developing a HR intranet at AMP. From this humble start, Catherine became one of the most experienced intranet managers in Australia.

Catherine has a unique ability to foster teams and communities, and to build stakeholder engagement. She is also passionate about developing organisation-wide initiatives such as collaboration teams, innovation groups and change communities.

Out of work Catherine tries and fails to keep up with her husband Stephen, on bike rides and bush walks. She is also the proud owner of a Miniature Schnauzer, Rosco. Whatever you do don’t get into a conversation about dogs with Catherine as you might never get away!

Catherine in action



What others have said

Being a member of the Step Two Forum is like being a member of an elite club.  Its enthusiastic members are more than willing to share information and ideas, and to expose the good, the bad, and the ugly of managing intranets. It gives me confidence that as a new intranet manager with lots to learn I have a support network to inspire, guide, and mentor me in developing and managing my intranet. And in time I hope to be able to provide advice to others.

I thoroughly endorse the Step Two Forum and look forward to my continuing membership.

- Jenny Waldie, Intranet Manager, Office of Fair Trading

The Step Two Forum has given me access to a wealth of ideas and experience that I could not have found elsewhere. Group discussions are lively and honest and it’s great to hear from people from different types of organisations and professional backgrounds.

I have picked up valuable tips for our own redevelopment project in the areas of IA design, usability and technology selection that I hope will contribute to the overall success of the project.

- Alison Warhurst, Applications Officer, Human Services Network

My interaction with Catherine first began when we became members of the Step Two Forum in 2013. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for all things intranet-ty have made it easy for us to keep iterating a relevant intranet for our workforce.

She’s undoubtedly the industry leader in the intranet space with a great ability to forecast intranet trends. Catherine has a deep understanding of the struggles and challenges each intranet team faces. She has also a unique way of asking the correct prodding questions that have helped us look into a problem from a different angle.  “Oh, I’ve never thought of that before! Thank you for bringing that up!” is something we often mutter when we chat with Catherine.

Catherine is an invaluable resource to any intranet project – no matter what stage of the project you are at.

- Victorin Lai, Usability and Collaboration Team Leader, Ambulance Victoria

The benefits of the Step Two Forum are numerous.  It gives you a network of peers and colleagues, access to best practice updates, and visibility of industry changes.  All of this is facilitated by the Step Two team, who are the experts in their field.

- Kelly Browne, Web Technical Manager, Human Services

I have been working closely with Step Two over the last few months to help align our intranet strategy with the many changes happening at News. The insights that I have gained via Step Two’s consultants and initiatives has helped me hit the ground running in my new role. Catherine has been a fantastic support and I am valuing her expertise and empathy for the task ahead. Her practical, no nonsense approach is great – she is familiar with many of our challenges and is quickly able to leverage her own expertise or the experiences of her Step Two Forum members to steer us on the right course.

- Vikki Hsieh, Group Technology Manager – Collaboration, News Limited