Our knowledge management services: at a glance

We can assist you to identify key knowledge needs and bottlenecks, as well as developing an overall knowledge management strategy. Our unique strength is in conducting field research to understand the knowledge needs and issues of operational staff.

We also integrate KM approaches into all our work on intranets and content management.

Knowledge management is an umbrella term under which many different disciplines can be grouped, all relating to the effective use of knowledge to meet business needs.

It is increasingly being recognised that best-practice knowledge management is required to support both innovation and sustainability within organisations.

Our services

The services we offer include:

  • Conducting knowledge auditsThere are a range of practice techniques for identifying the key knowledge and processes in your organisation. This information can then be used to improve knowledge management practices.
  • KM strategyAn integrated knowledge strategy ensures that individual projects (such as implementing a CMS) are consistent with overall business strategy.
  • KM for the frontline environmentWe have successfully addressed the knowledge needs of both frontline and call centre staff, which can generate both satisfied customers and improved business processes.