A week in the digital workplace (free)


The challenge for the emerging field of digital workplaces is  to understand it in concrete terms. This free report outlines a scenario of how we will work in the future.


Product Description

While the term ‘digital workplace’ has been around for some time, it has seen a surge of interest in recent times.

The digital workplace describes a compelling enterprise environment that is fundamentally social, putting people at the centre of things. It cuts through the complexity of legacy tools and platforms, to provide simple ways of completing common tasks.

Yet for all the enthusiasm, the digital workplace can be hard to describe in concrete terms. As a concept, it means different things to different people, and it struggles to escape the domain of theoretical and abstract discussions.

We now share a vision of the digital workplace in this report, with the goal of making the abstract concept of the digital workplace into something concrete.

We have taken a storytelling approach, as this connects with our basic human abilities to learn and explore. Mock screenshots show what the digital workplace could look like.

We use narrative to describe the rich detail of daily work, when enterprise tools have changed from being a burden to a joy. Download the report for free, and join in the conversation