Pathway to Social: A planning toolkit for enterprise collaboration (free)


The Pathway to Social is a free toolkit for planning collaboration and social projects. Covering people, process, technology, it will help you find success.

Product Description

Collaboration and social projects are just like every other project. They have a start, a direction, and a set of pre-defined outcomes. There is planning, design, delivery, change management and support.

For all of this, however, collaboration and social projects can be surprisingly slippery and hard to define. Initiatives are often launched without a clear purpose or strategy, and too many result in little more than patchy and half-hearted adoption.

Because of the inherent challenges — and significant opportunities — of collaboration and social projects, project planning becomes paramount.

To assist with this, Step Two has released the free whitepaper ‘Pathway to Social’. This provides a hands-on toolkit that can be used by teams to put shape around projects that have previously defied definition.

We hope that this toolkit will allow you to proceed with newfound confidence that your collaboration and social project will be a great success.

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