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    I just listened to your interview with Jane McConnell and read your article above where you talk about the skills and qualities required of a successful intranet manager. Thanks for both of those resources – they are both very useful and I agree with many of the things you say.

    However, I am interested in how you define a successful intranet manager in terms of tangibles. For example, is a succcessful intranet manager someone who has a lot of staff working for them as a percentage of total staff, is able to obtain a big budget, has a low turnover of staff, has great annual performance and 360 degree reviews, is senior in the organisation (eg.reports to the CEO), is asked to to present at public speaking engagements, is ranked highly by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum, manages an intranet that is highly regarded by staff… I guess I am wondering if you use any measures that help you distinguish between successful intranet managers and the not-so-successful.

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Published June 30, 2009

Catherine Grenfell
Catherine Grenfell is the manager and full-time facilitator of our Intranet Leadership Forum. She is also a senior member of the consulting team, with a particular focus on mentoring and supporting intranet teams.