Digital employee experience (DEX) survey: 2019/2020 results (free)


Find out the ‘state of the nation’ for digital employee experience (DEX), with these results from a global survey conducted in late 2019.

Product Description

“Digital employee experience (DEX) is the sum total of the digital interactions within the work environment.”

Like any new concept, the challenge is initially to put clear shape around it, even as efforts are being made to put it into practice.

That’s why Step Two has conducted a global survey into DEX for the second year, to see where DEX is making progress — and where it isn’t (yet) — as well as to see what else is being done in organisations that DEX should support or align with.

The focus of this study was to answer these fundamental questions:

  • What is digital employee experience?
  • Is DEX considered important?
  • Who is leading DEX initiatives within organisations?
  • What are the business drivers and challenges?
  • What are organisations doing about DEX and related areas?

To learn what the ‘state of the nation’ is for DEX, download this free DEX Survey whitepaper.