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Wells Fargo: Rolling out a portal based on microservices

Wells Fargo has redesigned its intranet homepage based on microservices architecture, reconfiguring over 50 specific homepages for lines of business. New features include a personalised toolbar with links, aggregated notifications from multiple systems and a ‘My Day’ widget with time-relevant communications. There is also an app library where lines of business can develop micro-apps that integrate with other applications.

Benefits include better site performance, easier management of the platform, a much better mobile experience and the ability to configure a compelling digital workplace experience going forward through integration with multiple applications.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The move to microservices is bold and is perfectly suited to Wells Fargo where business lines have very specific needs.
  • The implementation has been very well executed with some great change management techniques, particularly the weekly questions resulting in volumes of user feedback and the virtual command centre.
  • There are interesting features throughout including the popular ‘My Day’ feature and aggregated notifications.
  • We love the way user feedback has guided the design, including keeping elements from the old iteration that were popular.
  • The impact of microservices has been considerable with everything from reduced load times to exciting possibilities created by lines of business building their own apps.
  • We applaud the commitment to accessibility.

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