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Shepherd and Wedderburn: Empowering lawyers to work more effectively

Law firm Shepherd and Wedderburn has redesigned its client and matter (project) pages on the intranet to better visualise information and data from a variety of core applications. Helping lawyers with a range of different transactions and processes including billing and time-recording, the new pages feature additional charts, summaries of actionable data and extra information sources.

The results have already seen an identifiable shift towards more self-service from lawyers to drive efficiencies, as well as enabling new processes such as better external reporting of deals for PR purposes

Why this won a Silver award

  • There’s some excellent integration and data architecture work to deliver a complex suite of interlinked reports and pages, all delivered through the intranet.
  • We love the emphasis on users and actionable data so that lawyers are really supported in key processes, as well as freeing up time for support staff.
  • There is a real sense of changing the way lawyers work through the increase in self-service, reflected in the reduction of email requests to support functions and increase in lawyers initiating tasks rather than PAs.
  • We loved how the solution is designed to empower younger lawyers to take more responsibility, as well as support an older demographic in their everyday work.

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