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Public Works Authority Ashghal: Streamlining employee tasks via a portal

With an aim to improve efficiency and help employees complete tasks within a single environment, Public Works Authority Ashghal has created a centralised portal with numerous integrations with core systems. This is supplemented by a range of additional apps.

Functionality includes a system that aggregates notifications and approvals, a way to track requests, a personalised dashboard, a wide set of e-services, an app that automates meeting management, an appraisal system and many more all within one environment. The new portal is already driving efficiencies and saving significant costs per annum.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The integration work on the portal is highly impressive and the list of processes it covers is extremely extensive.
  • The centralised notifications and request tracking are very strong, making the intranet a true digital workplace environment.
  • The personalised dashboard is well-executed helping to centralise all HR-related information and tasks in one place.
  • The meeting management app is a great idea, bringing automation and efficiency to a time-consuming activity.
  • The portal has excellent levels of adoption and has also led to significant cost savings.
  • All of the above also has been achieved in a bilingual environment – Arabic and English

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