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Philips: Launching a topic-based intranet

Philips has integrated a number of different intranets into a single, brand new, topic- based and personalised intranet. Employees access content primarily through search. The team has implemented robust governance structures and content ownership. Content owners and editors have been trained on how to tag content with the right topics.

As well as range of features including responsive design and social network integration, the intranet has been launched as ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) so that the team can keep on improving it informed by user feedback and other metrics.

Why this won a Silver award

  • This is a great example of an intranet which is improving findability with search at the centre, an ambitious aim which Philips are well on the way to pulling off.
  • The targeted change management, communications and training are very well and executed with some imagination – we love the topic game!
  • The MVP approach has worked very well in getting feedback, allowing the central team to work iteratively on improvements.
  • The content governance features and related approaches such as metrics are very well thought out.

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