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Monetary Authority of Singapore: Designing a user-centric intranet

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has launched a new intranet based on SharePoint 2019 and Microsoft 365. The intranet has been designed with extensive input from employees and user testing to ensure good usability and findability.

Features include a clean design, an Employee Resources area detailing key processes, events management, embedded learning events, an apps catalogue, a page detailing joiners and leavers and an enhanced search experience. A mobile app has also been created. App features include integration with the HR system to request and approve annual leave, and a facilities issue reporting system. ‘

A thoughtful approach to change management has been applied throughout the project to help support good adoption. The intranet has been well received by staff.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is a clean and professional looking intranet with a pleasing and consistent design throughout.
  • We applaud the level of involvement and input from employees and the commitment to user-centred design techniques and usability testing across the phases of the project.
  • The Employee Resources section is very well done with useful content and good findability, providing employees with a valuable repository of information on how to get things done.
  • The events management and learning events features bring useful capabilities not found on most intranets.
  • The app has been well designed with features such as booking leave and issues reporting well suited to a mobile device.
  • There was a very solid approach to change management applied from early in the project, not just around the launch.

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