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Faegre Baker Daniels: Supporting successful work in a law firm

US legal services firm Faegre Baker Daniels has created a new version of its intranet, Benson. The intranet improves findability through an enhanced search experience, a new information architecture, revitalised content (including a How Do I? section) and more. Client and matter data is available through integrations with core systems. Personalisation has also improved content relevance.

Performance data for fee-earning staff is prominently displayed on the intranet homepage through a dashboard, which is already changing some of the habits of partners and associates.

Why this won a Silver award

  • We love the prominent financial dashboard – a bold move for a professional services firm which is already positively impacting financial literacy in the firm.
  • There is some good integration work on display which surfaces critical data on projects and clients, while also enhancing people profiles.
  • We love the emphasis on findability with an improved navigation and also search.
  • There’s some solid work carried out on defining terms and metadata, not only to drive findability but also content targeting.
  • We like the emphasis on user research and design activities which has helped to define content types and the way they all fit together

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