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Brisbane Catholic Education: Delivering a compelling new SharePoint Online intranet

Brisbane Catholic Education has created a new intranet called Spire, based on SharePoint Online, to support education efforts and make employees spread across multiple schools and locations feel part of one organisation. Extensive user research has been carried out. The new intranet has a broad set of capabilities, including granular personalisation, a new HR dashboard, improved page templates, a task management system for schools, a new integrated and improved search, a new information architecture, an integrated calendar and more.

Considerable effort has also gone into establishing governance and working with publishers to rewrite content so it is relevant, up to date and of high quality. The intranet has launched successfully and is already having a positive impact.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The sheer range of capabilities in the new intranet is impressive ? there is an extensive range of functionality.
  • The HR dashboard on the About Me page is very well executed.
  • There is a good emphasis on governance, particularly relating to content which underpins the quality and relevance of the new intranet.
  • The joined-up approach to training content authors, developing helpful templates and providing content support is impressive.
  • We like the alignment between the new intranet and BCE’s wider strategic goals.
  • There are some nice features throughout, including personalised links to collaboration sites on the homepage and automatic jump links to headings on content pages.
  • The creation of a design system to reuse the designs for other BCE projects is an excellent approach.

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