The Step Two Forum is a unique community for intranet, digital workplace and digital employee experience practitioners.

Global Membership provides individual practitioners with a mixture of online sessions, and unique resources all underpinned by Step Two’s expertise and knowledge.

Discover, learn and experience what real organisations are doing everyday to support their employees. Build your own skills and capabilities to deliver great solutions.

When you sign up, you gain access to:

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Ten online sessions per year

These exclusive members-only webinars explore a range of topics and formats: live tours of solutions within real organisations where members can ask questions directly to the presenters, deep-dive explorations of practical and leading-edge topics presented by real experts, and interactive sessions that enable members to share and collaborate with each other.


Members-only Facebook group

Meet and interact with members from around the world. Share content and see the latest screenshots and resources shared by Step Two. Ask and answer questions, as an active participant in the collective brainstrust of Forum members.


On-demand video library

The video library includes all previous live tours which explored intranets and digital workplaces within businesses of all types, sizes and geographic locations.

Watch online at a time of your convenience, to build an understanding of the organisation before diving into key features and insights. Each video is supported by a handy timecode list to quickly access the sections you need.


Case studies from the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

The Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards have been running for 14+ years, inspiring and informing teams with leading-edge ideas and real-world solutions. Global members have access to all winners from previous years, offering a remarkable resource that includes 150+ case studies from winners across the globe, covering a huge range of ideas and approaches.

Global members also receive a 30% discount on this year’s Awards report, the must-have annual resource for all intranet and digital workplace teams.


Free electronic copy of Essential Intranets and Intranet Roadmap

These two resources written by James Robertson answer the key questions for all teams on what the intranet should do and how to get there. The book includes 150 screenshots that covers from fundamentals through to leading-edge thinking. The Roadmap provides a clear project management methodology specifically designed for intranet teams.


Free ticket(s) to Step Two webinars

Each year, Step Two runs public webinars that cover topics of interest to intranet, digital workplace and digital employee experience teams. This includes a showcase of winners from the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards. Free tickets to these webinars are part of your global membership.

Anytime, Anywhere

Session highlights

Amadeus live tour – Highlights of a digital workplace with social capabilities
Amadeus IT Group is headquartered in Madrid, Spain with locations around the globe. Using Office 365 and one of the ‘product on top’ solutions Everis TOGO they support 19,000 staff with their digital workplace, Neo. In this live tour of Neo, we saw the home page, architecture and other key features, learnt why personalisation was a key design feature, how the team manages ongoing releases and more.

Region Skane live tour – Highlights of an intranet with personalised content
Region Skåne Health Care is based in Sweden. They, like many organisations around the world, are at the forefront of the Covid-19 pandemic. Early in the crisis Jesper Bylund, the intranet manager asked what can I do to provide support in this situation and made specific improvements? In this live tour of the intranet we saw what the team delivered including customised content around specific roles, eg. nurse, manager, specific content that was developed around contagion procedures etc and we learnt how BYOD was fast tracked.

Members site quick tour
Members have access to many unique resources to support you in idea generation, problem solving and upskilling. The members only site includes access to 150+ case studies and past videos of live tours, providing a wealth of insider access to organisations around the globe.


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How does annual membership work?

Membership starts on the day you join and is for 12 months. For example from 4th September for 12 months. Membership is automatically renewed on your anniversary date. If needed, you can edit your membership details online, including changing your payment details, or turning off automatic renewals.

What time are live sessions run?

The timing of the sessions varies. We aim to get coverage across as many time zones as possible within a given year, dependent on the locations of the presenters. These sessions are also recorded, and you can watch them at a time of your choosing.

What technology is used for the online community forum?

The private members-only community is a Facebook community, called Step Two Forum. Regular posts are made by Step Two including screenshots and articles. If you are not a Facebook user consider joining or access the resources members only site.

Is membership for individuals or organisations?

Global membership has been designed for individual practitioners, supporting their current needs and career progression.

While organisations as a whole cannot obtain global membership, we encourage larger firms to provide multiple team members with global memberships to spread the knowledge and benefits. The modest cost of global membership should make this affordable for businesses of all size.

(Also note the answer to the question “Who can watch the videos and participate in the community?” below.)

Who can watch the videos and participate in the online community?

As global membership is for a single practitioner, they are the only one who can watch the videos (live or recorded) and participate in the Facebook group. If more team members in an organisation would benefit from the knowledge, we encourage the purchase of further global memberships.

What can I use from the Forum?

As intranets and digital workplaces are by definition hidden from public view, it is important to protect the confidentiality and privacy of members and their sites. The ethos of the Forum is to ‘take away the learnings but respect the confidentiality of the people and/or organisations sharing’.

You are therefore welcome to make use of what you learn from the members within the Forum, but not to share with others without express permission from the Forum manager.

How is my privacy protected?

As convenors of the Forum, Step Two will protect the privacy of members, and will never pass on details to any third party. Members must never share details with a third party without the express permission of the member. 

Who can join?

Practitioners who are directly involved in the support or management of an intranet, digital workplace or digital employee experience. Due to the nature of the Step Two Forum, consultants or vendors are not able to join the Forum.

Why is membership not open to consultants or vendors?

We are a vendor-neutral organisation and the community is based on business needs, not specific technology solutions.

Is there a discount for practitioners who are not currently employed?

We are keen to support the community as we go through these difficult times. We are offering a 50% hardship discount, and to obtain this, please complete an application with a short explanation of your situation. Once approved we will send you the discount code. (Note that the discount is only applicable for the first year of Forum membership, and yearly renewals will be at normal price.)

How do I access screenshots, awards reports and other unique content?

When you join your access will automatically be given access to a members only site containing these resources. 

Can Aussies join global membership?

We work very hard to deliver in-person workshops and networking opportunities primarily in ACT,  New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. To ensure the sustainability of our local offering we, unfortunately, can’t make global membership available to our colleagues in these states. Colleagues from SA, WA, Tasmania and NT may join. All the benefits of global membership are included in full membership, including live online tours.

Can I update/ transfer my membership?

Yes, login to the Forum members only area and update your personal details, this includes name, email address etc

Who do I contact if I have a question about global forum membership?

Contact the team at Step Two either [email protected] or [email protected] and we will answer your questions.

How can I pay for my global membership?

Payment is online and via Paypal or credit card. We can’t process global membership payments off-line.