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Wellcome: Creating an intranet that employees love

Wellcome, a non-profit healthcare foundation, has created an intranet with high levels of staff engagement and adoption. Using Drupal, an open source platform, the intranet has been custom-built in-house specifically to meet Wellcome’s needs. Iterative improvements driven by employee feedback have guided Trustnet’s evolution.

Highlights of the intranet include attractive design and integration with a number of key systems including ServiceNow and a meeting room booking application. The intranet enjoys very positive feedback from staff and nearly all (98%) of staff visit the intranet in a typical two-week period. Approximately 40%of staff have also contributed articles in a year, an extremely high level of participation.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is a beautifully designed intranet with strong UX work that makes it both easy to use and attractive to view and navigate.
  • The ambition to be an ‘operating system’ for Wellcome is laudable and carried out by strong integrations with other applications, delivering efficiency for users and also helping to underpin adoption.
  • The meeting room booking system is particularly well-executed.
  • We love the team’s commitment to a philosophy that ensures intranet improvement is driven by user need.
  • The extremely high proportion of employees visiting Trustnet and contributing content is well above the level of most intranets and shows a high degree of user engagement and trust.

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