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Vodafone Ukraine: Using an intranet as a platform for change

Vodafone Ukraine has consistently used its Jive-powered intranet PROSTOR to support organisational change, engage employees and improve business processes. Across numerous use cases, the intranet uses out-of-the-box and custom-built features. Capabilities include blogs, video, a project portal, online Q&A sessions with senior leaders, a peer recognition programme, a high-profile organisational ‘game’ and several initiatives focused on contact centre staff.

Strategic campaigns are run through PROSTOR. High-level support and great levels of adoption have contributed to significant cost savings and improved employee engagement.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is an excellent use of a social intranet to support engagement and change, with continuing investment and a visible presence from senior management.
  • Users are highly engaged with strong adoption of blogging and posting of video, as well participation in groups.
  • We love the philosophy of automating any email-based process via the intranet, using out-of-the-box features initially.
  • The peer recognition program and gamified initiatives show imagination and flair and are strong executed.
  • The use cases for the intranet deliver real business value and are fully aligned to company strategy, for example the projects dashboard and agile database.
  • There is good support for contributors and site managers, for example with the bloggers area and the code snippet library.

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