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TransGrid: Improving safety and efficiency via an app

TransGrid has introduced a Mobile Plant Framework (MPF) to ensure safety and related compliance requirements are met on work carried out on power lines and substations. To support the framework, a core scheduling application and a mobile app have been extensively improved. These bring together information from various systems to ensure visibility on whether machinery is safe and whether staff have the right licence and experience to operate it.

The system has already improved safety, driven time and cost savings and produced data for operational and strategic decision-making.

Why this won a Silver award

  • It is very positive that the team focused on the employee experience for field workers with an app, not only focus on the needs of the resource scheduling staff.
  • There is strong integration work to ensure all the right data from different systems comes together in one place.
  • The impact of the project has resulted in both greater safety and efficiencies – a dual benefit not always realised.
  • There was a very solid change management effort to embed use of the app, with four people on site for a week at each location and engagement sessions for leaders.

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