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Telstra: Designing and delivering an HR dashboard

Australian telecommunications firm Telstra has developed a new HR dashboard which is accessible via the intranet. It is designed to encourage self-service and reduce calls to the HR call centre, as well as increase awareness of lesser-known initiatives.

The dashboard incorporates information from a number of different systems. Employees can view pay and benefits data, annual leave, recognition, other HR content and even relevant social feeds. They can also perform transactions from the dashboard.

Why this was commended

  • The design is clean and strong, combining a dashboard view with infographic styling to present a lot of data on one page.
  • The team were responsive to user needs and were flexible enough to change scope from a more traditional portal solution to a dashboard.
  • There is valuable integration work from disparate systems including social content from Yammer.
  • There is a good emphasis on real business benefits, both for individual users and the organisation as a whole.
  • The obscuring of pay data is a nice touch to protect privacy and help drive adoption.

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