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STIHL Australia: Delivering a great small company intranet

Power tool manufacturer STIHL’s small subsidiary in Australia has created its first- ever intranet, called The Shed. At its centre is a new product catalogue which helps support customer queries and drive efficiencies. Other features include distinctive branding, social features, a blog from the CEO, online forms and the creation of a single point of truth for key documents.

The Shed has succeeded in driving efficiencies and is now being considered for adoption by the parent company.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The product catalogue is very well executed and has had a significant impact, saving 78 days per year for the customer service team, as well as reducing the risk of poor customer support.
  • This is an impressive first intranet project for a small distributed company with little or no in-house intranet expertise or experience.
  • The scope and focus of The Shed is very well suited to the needs of the company and is already helping to drive good adoption and spark new possibilities.
  • The design and branding of the Shed is fun and a great fit with the company culture.

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