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Ramboll Group: Building an ambitious global digital workplace

On the back of a global strategic initiative to move towards a one company culture, Ramboll has implemented an ambitious global digital workspace called Rambla based on Office 365 and Wizdom.

The digital workspace includes a new global personalised intranet with a task- based navigation, a project portal, an onboarding portal, a sales funnel tool, improved search and a number of other features. Additional components are being introduced as part of a programme of continuous development. There is deep integration throughout with financial, HR and other core systems.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The scale and speed of delivery of this digital workplace project is highly impressive, meeting not only ambitious strategic goals, but launching a series of sophisticated digital workplace components in quick succession.
  • The digital workplace has convincing integration with different systems, meaning Rambla is the entry point for daily work.
  • There is a consistency in vision throughout this implementation to drive a digital workplace based on continuous development.
  • The Project Portal Online is a comprehensive resource which helps Ramboll operate globally.
  • It was a great idea to combine an onboarding portal with a strategy resource, and have one reference point for new hires and employees.

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