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QUT: Making an intranet relevant to all staff

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has created a new staff portal called Digital Workplace which brings together a number of local intranets. The intranet delivers a personalised experience, presenting global and local content seamlessly, based on a user’s profile, often on the same page.

Innovative features have been introduced including a custom dashboard for content authors, a new feedback system, personalised links to applications and a new personalised search. Good adoption levels, positive feedback and other benefits indicate the new intranet is a success.

Why this won a Gold award

  • The way global and local content are delivered at the page level is very well executed.
  • The custom dashboard for content owners shows that significant thought has been put into the practicalities of working with the new intranet and making it sustainable.
  • There are some very nice design features, including the feedback button which allows users to select the relevant section of the page.
  • The iterative design process involving users throughout all stages of development has helped to craft the solution.
  • The intranet is clearly having a very positive impact with good adoption levels and significantly improved findability.

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