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MITRE Corporation: Creating a mobile app to get things done

MITRE Corporation has created the MITRE@Work app, which allows employees to submit timecards, view calendars, receive task notifications, find rooms and more. The app is available on personal phones as well as corporate devices, and is available for both iOS and Android. The app has successfully navigated MITRE’s stringent security requirements by focusing on what is permissible.

MITRE@Work has proved popular with users and continues to improve with added functionality.

Why this won a Silver award

  • The team’s approach has been integral to the success of the app – focusing on what’s possible within MITRE’s security constraints and involving the right stakeholders early.
  • The individual features of the app have been well selected to deliver value for users, including the ability to submit timecards and receive My Action notifications.
  • This is a great example of continuous improvement and an initiative which has been fuelled by stakeholder and user feedback.
  • The team has consistently shown strong creativity in the design and features, balancing security concerns with meeting user needs and staying focused on performance.
  • We love the wi-fi key capability and the ability to paste it straight into your phone – a nice touch!

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