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IMF: All About A Country

Making the intranet the single source of truth is a common goal for intranet teams, especially in organisations covering multiple geographies. There are few success stories, however.

The IMF’s ‘All About a Country’ portal aggregates a broad set of country-specific information, and supplements static information with powerful features. It connects users to the most relevant country information and experts the IMF has to offer.

Why this won

  • All About a Country (AAaC) solves a significant problem for the IMF – that of dispersed, outdated information for each of its 187 member countries. AAaC now provides staff with a central, up-to-date and authoritative country-by-country resource that’s set to grow and grow.
  • Core information is supplemented by dynamic data visualisation of key statistics, figures and details, while ‘expert availability’ is included; country experts are on hand via the built-in instant message tool.
  • In the words of one of the judges, ‘This is exactly the type of tool an organisation like the IMF should be developing’.

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