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IBM: Redesigning a collection of market knowledge

IBM has redesigned Bluemine, a well-established repository of market insights, external analyst reports and internal publications.

The project has dramatically improved the user experience, increased findability through improved search and information architecture, simplified the publishing process and added a number of other features. A program of continuous improvement is also helping to save time, reduce costs and drive adoption.

Why this won a Silver award

  • Bluemine houses many thousands of reports and links across many topics – the team has risen to the challenge of making these resources more findable and usable.
  • The design is clean, simple, consistent and very well-executed throughout Bluemine.
  • There’s a strong commitment to extensive user research to ensure the solution puts users at the centre.
  • We love the approaches put in place to use feedback and data to make Bluemine better, through continuous improvement.
  • There’s a strong focus on the needs of publishers with huge improvements to the publishing process.

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