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Barclays Bank: Engaging frontline staff using mobile

Barclays Bank has introduced a mobile intranet environment for UK-based customer-facing staff in retail branches. MyZone is available as an app on employees’ personal devices. A clever authentication process ensures the environment is fully secure.

MyZone features a variety of features including news, a video channel, product information, payslips, demos of customer apps and an ideation tool. MyZone has been very well received by staff and contributed to higher employee engagement, increased knowledge- sharing and reduced costs.

Why this won

  • This is one of the best mobile initiatives that the judges have ever seen in terms of a full and varied set of functionality and content, as well as a very well-designed interface.
  • The way the team has managed to satisfy the bank’s security criteria to be able to deliver MyZone to personal devices is potentially ground-breaking in a highly regulated industry such as financial services.
  • Delivering solutions to frontline staff is traditionally difficult, but this solution is highly focused on their needs with a mixture of work- related and communication-led content, with changes driven by suggestions from staff.
  • The impact of MyZone is clear and impressive, with a range of benefits stretching from increased product awareness of digital offerings to higher employee engagement.
  • Adoption levels, for example on the ideation tool, far outstrip the desktop equivalent.

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