Recordkeeping’s hill to climb.

I’ve just spent the last two days helping an Australian government agency develop their web CMS requirements. As one might expect, the topic of recordkeeping…

Recordkeeping and Toastmasters.

Last week I met up with a former CIO of a local council in Queensland. We’ve done work together on-and-off over a number of years,…

Providing intranet access to records.

This briefing outlines a simple scenario in which the intranet helps staff find key corporate information, while the documents accessed are stored in the document/records…

How staff look for documents.

You need to understand how staff look for documents in a business setting, in order to design suitable systems and classification schemes.

Rolling out a records management system.

This article presents a new perspective to rolling out a records management system, highlighting three critical success factors: the system, classification scheme and message.