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10 words to describe successful intranets

Written by , published May 4th, 2006

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The intranet innovates to meet ever-changing organisational needs


The intranet is a trusted source of information and business tools


The intranet delivers tangible and visible benefits to the organisation and staff


The intranet supports day-to-day staff and organisational needs


The intranet supports every staff role and every geographical location


The intranet is easy to use and quick to learn for all major staff groups


The organisation is not able to function effectively without the intranet


The intranet supports staff working together effectively and sharing knowledge


A clear and consistent direction, purpose and design underpins the intranet as a whole


The intranet is a strategic platform and environment for the organisation

(For an overall methodology for developing or redeveloping an intranet, see the
Intranet Roadmap.)

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