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The Intranet Leadership Forum is the professional community for intranet managers and teams throughout Australia. Join now to get access to a network of intranet teams, the latest intranet thinking, and practical solutions to key challenges.

What is the Intranet Leadership Forum?

The Intranet Leadership Forum (ILF) is a membership-only community for intranet teams. Via quarterly sessions in each city, it connects members with what’s happening in the intranet space.

The Forum has chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. These provide local support for intranet teams, and ensure that every participating organisation gets the information they need, when they need it.

The Forum is run by Step Two Designs, global experts on intranets. It provides a unique opportunity for intranet teams to connect up with what is happening in other organisations, and to learn from industry best-practice.

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The ILF brings together the most engaged and active intranet teams in Australia. Just a few of our members:

The ILF is the only place to find out what these (and other) companies are up to in the intranet space.

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Want to see the ILF in action? Contact Catherine Grenfell, our friendly Forum manager, to arrange a guest pass to a local session. You’ll get first hand experience of what it’s like to be amongst fellow intranet teams, exploring what works and what doesn’t.

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Join the ILF, and connect up with other active and motivated intranet teams, with meetings in your local city. Learn from the best the community has to offer, and take your intranet to the next level.