Step Two Designs is the global thought-leader on intranets. For over fifteen years, we’ve worked with organisations of every type to help deliver better intranets. We’ve published the books, reports and articles that intranet teams across the globe rely on to guide their planning and design decisions.

We also work in a number of closely related fields, conducting user-centred design (UCD) work, helping organisations select suitable content management systems (CMS), and supporting knowledge management strategies.

With staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have worked with clients throughout Australia, in both the public and private sectors. We also have a blue ribbon list of international clients.

Playing a strictly vendor-neutral role, our goal is to build the knowledge within the entire community. Make use of our knowledge and experience, whether via consulting, mentoring or training.

How we can help

There are three main streams to our work:

We take our independent status very seriously, and while we have a strong knowledge of the marketplace, we have no affiliation or connection with any products or vendors.

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