To help you consider your submission to the Intranet & Digital Workplace Awards, here are a list of the questions you’ll find on our online entry form and also the related Word entry description form.

Online submission form

  • Your name
  • Job title
  • Organisation you work for
  • Email address
  • Organisation address
  • Telephone number
  • Organisation contact details (if agency submitting)
  • Organisation name
  • Country where organisation is headquartered
  • Brief description of your organisation (250 words maximum)
  • Number of employees
  • Industry segment
  • Your name
  • Name of your entry
  • Awards categories to enter
  • Who was responsible for creating the the solution (in-house, agency or both)
  • In house credits
  • External agency credits
  • Upload entry description form
  • Upload screenshots zip file
  • Upload supporting documents / video zip file
  • Add video link (if applicable)
  • Agree to confidentiality statement

Entry description form (Word format)

  • Description of entry (Please provide a full description of your project or initiative.)
  • Implementation  (Tell us your story.  How was your project / initiative implemented?)
  • Key features (What are the key features of your initiative or project? Give us the detail we need to be able to get a sense of what you have delivered.)
  • Insights (How is the solution innovative or unusual? How does it provide new ideas or approaches that other teams can learn from? What is useful to share with other organisations?)
  • Impact  (How has the solution helped the workforce and measurably benefited the organisation? Please describe how the initiative has changed how the workforce operates, or how it has delivered business value and benefits.)
  • Evidence of impact  (Please submit any evidence of impact including specific metrics, feedback and stories. Note that you can refer to additional documents in this section if being submitted.)
  • Lessons learnt & advice for others  (If you had a chance to do the work again, what you do differently, what suggestions or tips would you give to others considering similar ideas?)
  • Conformation and screenshots (Titles and caption details for between 2 and 15 screenshots)

If you have any questions about the form get in touch!