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SAP: Launching a global intranet with robust governance

SAP has launched a new global intranet called SAP One, based on the company’s own technology. The intranet has several notable features, including a configurable widget-based homepage, a ‘My Day’ feature with personalised time-based content, and AI-driven content recommendations.

All people- and process-focused content has been completely redesigned based on user research so it is user-centric. SAP One is underpinned by extensive governance based on accountability and ownership, with processes to support content governance.

The intranet migration involved an extreme content clean-up, resulting in a 95%reduction in pages. The project also involved building new pages in the legacy intranet for easier migration and a complex set of redirects, with both intranets accessible in parallel for a short period of time.

Why this won a Gold award

  • There is some very strong user-centric content design, for example on the parenthood pages which have seen a leap in engagement.
  • The multi-layered governance framework is excellent, and provides a robust approach that will make the intranet more sustainable.
  • The 95% reduction in content from the old intranet to SAP One is incredible.
  • We applaud the commitment to user testing demonstrated throughout the project, ensuring users are at the centre of everything.
  • It’s great that the team engaged early with internal groups representing people with disabilities to ensure the new intranet is accessible and inclusive.
  • Some features, such as the My Day feature and the random greeting in different languages, are quirky and interesting.
  • The migration process has been well-considered, including the extensive use of redirects.

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