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PCL Construction: Sharing and accessing knowledge via the intranet

PCL Construction has refreshed its PCL Connects intranet in SharePoint Online, using both out-of-the-box web parts and customised areas. The intranet is personalised to make content relevant for a diverse, international workforce.

Highlights include a knowledge area containing controlled documents with extensive metadata to enhance findability and a project area with dedicated pages for over 30,000 projects with salient details for each. There are also areas for each of PCL’s locations.

Engagement-led features include an area to celebrate employee milestones where employees can also send congratulations to their peers. The intranet also supports PCL’s innovation program with an ideation tool, a video library of knowledge-sharing sessions inspired by TED talks, and an area for Communities of Practice.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is an intranet with well thought-through areas that have real business value, which also focuses on communication and engagement.
  • The project area is excellent, with well structured pages and a wide scope of over 30,000 projects, as well as being aligned with associated business processes.
  • There’s some strong work behind the scenes with an extensive use of tagging and metadata, making documents more findable.
  • The PCL Talks area is a great way to encourage knowledge sharing, and is complemented by a well-designed communities area.
  • We love the touches relating to employee milestones, where users get messages from peers and see confetti on their homepage.
  • The personalisation is effective, for example with a dedicated web part to show the right HR contact name for each location.
  • We applaud ongoing data-driven approaches to improving search.

Full case study

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