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MWH Global: Improving client service with virtual reality

Engineering firm MWH Global is using virtual reality (VR) to get feedback from clients on planned buildings before they actually start any construction. Using consumer VR headsets from Oculus Rift, clients now actually ‘experience’ what the building will be like. This minimises risk, saves costs and improves customer service.

On the back of a new design methodology, the use of virtual reality is now embedded within core business processes. VR assets are reused and made available via the corporate intranet.

Why this won a Gold award

  • This is an innovative use of an emergent technology in the consumer space to improve customer service and reduce the risk of buildings not satisfying clients.
  • The team has continued to evolve the service, exploiting opportunities, improving the process and honing skills in-house.
  • The VR assets have been shared centrally through a library on the corporate intranet, helping to drive efficiency and maximise this valuable client service.
  • The impact is clear with nearly a million dollars saved in cost avoidance and new clients won because of the VR component.

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