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MITRE: Creating responsive organisation pages

MITRE has produced new intranet-based organisation pages which give detailed data on over 300 departments and divisions. This helps employees to navigate MITRE’s complex organisational structure.

A variety of information relating to resourcing, people, skills and projects is pulled from a number of different systems, aiding a number of processes including expertise location. The pages are designed to help both managers and staff, and fit into an existing KM approach.

The site is responsive and has been designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach.

Why this was commended

  • Organisation pages tend to be ineffective, but these are innovative and designed to be genuinely helpful to both leaders and staff.
  • There is some very solid integration work with valuable data from multiple systems being displayed.
  • The design is attractive and the ‘mobile first’ approach has future-proofed the solution, as well as helping to prioritise the information on display.
  • The project had clear and well-articulated goals from the outset which are reflected in the elements making up each page.