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McKesson: Setting up a mobile centre of excellence

In order to drive a series of apps for employees which principally open up content available on the intranet, global healthcare company McKesson has created an Employee App Center, a ‘light’ version of an app store.

To minimise risk and ensure a consistent experience for employees, a cross- functional governance structure called the Mobile Center of Excellence has been set up involving Communications, IT, HR, Security and Legal. This has agreed a series of standards, best practices and a standard process which brings an idea for an app through scoping to development to appearing on the app store.

Why this won a Gold award

  • It’s very rare to set up a cross-functional governance structure like the Mobile Center of Excellence covering mobile apps, where the initiative has been driven by the intranet team.
  • There’s an excellent emphasis on an end-to- end process which covers all the major steps needed to get an app into the app store.
  • It’s a smart move to involve HR, security and legal functions right from the beginning, preventing the kinds of barriers which are common in some other organisations.
  • The apps are clearly opening up new possibilities for connecting with employees who do not have access to PCs.
  • The approach to governance could be extended to the wider digital workplace.

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