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IDEO: The Tube – People and project pages

The Tube is IDEO’s intranet, a stylised, innovative online space designed purely around IDEO employees.

Every employee has a personal page that’s linked dynamically to their location, projects, project team members, skills, personal blogs and more. It’s a perfect intranet, directory, skill finder, blogging platform and social network, all wrapped up into one, seamless user experience.

Why this won

  • One of the most advanced intranet examples the judges have seen, based on a highly functional, advanced ‘directory’ application.
  • Integrates multiple systems and software languages to provide a seamless user experience.
  • ‘Point to people’: The Tube has not just been designed with user’s needs in mind, it’s been designed around its users, full stop. Take away the people and there would be no Tube.
  • Unique, ‘human-centred’, innovative and stylish design, befitting an organisation founded on such values.

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