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Hansen Yuncken: Using the intranet as a core business system

Australian construction firm Hansen Yuncken has used its intranet HYway to implement and manage various key end- to-end processes in the firm.

Using a consistent approach with concepts relating to electronic forms, workflow, roadmaps showing methodologies and dashboards, HYway has helped to embed processes at an enterprise level and bring about new ways of working. Detailed reporting has also helped overall compliance and strategic decision making. Outcomes include a greater number of bids won.

Why this won

  • This is an exceptional example of an intranet being used for a variety of core business processes, ensuring the intranet makes an essential contribution to overall business objectives and staff’s day-to-day work.
  • The consistency applied across different processes makes the intranet more intuitive to use, ensures better integration between processes and means approaches already proved to be successful are re-used.
  • The emphasis on the ‘single point of truth’ has helped to establish the integrity of the system.
  • The detailed management reporting and integration with Google Earth allows for benefits at many levels, including helping to win more bids and aiding strategic decision- making.

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